Your Core Values

This topic is focused on exploring what is important to you. Work that matches your values is quite likely to bring you more satisfaction.  When people are unhappy with their career or life choices or they feel that they don’t belong in the team/organisation or industry it is usually due to values not being met.

When we are making career decisions we often only concentrate on the knowledge and skills required to do a job and we forget to review our values and personal preferences, as they are often deeply buried in our mind. We are often unaware that the reason for our unhappiness or feeling of dissatisfaction is a direct result of our values not being met.  This diagram illustrates how values are a key driver of your decisions.

Defining your values can help you when you are ……

 Making a career change

  • insights into your ‘fit’ with role/team/organisation
  • preparing interview questions
  • negotiating offers

 Being a leader

  • having insights into the dynamics of a team
  • engaging with stakeholders
  • culture and branding

Building resilience

  • job satisfaction
  • a stress management tool
  • morals and ethics

Our values make us who we are.  They are developed over time in the interactions we experience.  It is important for you to understand your values as they act as internal guides to the things you do and say.

The majority of people have never sat down and thought about or documented what their values are. If you are unsure about your key values, we encourage you to review the extensive list of values in the Values Exercise to assist in determining what they truly are. If there are values missing from this list, add these to the bottom blank section.

Values are what is important to an individual. Culture is the values of an organisation.

Next Steps 

In the next section we will go deeper into your core values that are essential to your well being and happiness at work.