Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

Program road map

We all want to wake up each day excited about the day of work ahead.

How this program will help you create a new career

This program is designed to help you to find a career path or paths (you may look to a portfolio career) where you can feel engaged, challenged and motivated about your work day ahead. A career path/s where you experience a sense of purpose in your worklife. 

Unfortunately there are many reasons that can prevent us from engaging in careers and jobs that give us a sense of purpose and satisfaction.  A few of these are listed below. 

  • We may not focus on our strengths, our preferences and what is important to us when we make career decisions. Consequently, we land up in the wrong job, feel that we are undervalued or even stressed from working too much on our weaknesses e.g. your highly technical and thrive working behind the scenes, yet most of your job is client facing and selling.
  • We often undervalue the time spent on reviewing our career and creating a strategy for change and quickly get into the ‘doing it’. If you want a high paying and rewarding career, complete this program of self-discovery to maximise your strengths. e.g people do a quick update of their CV & spend hours on end on jobs sites to no avail. 
  • We may not truly know what we want or know ourselves well enough to reach the goals that are going to work for us.
  • We know what we want to be doing however lack the confidence, the job search strategy and the marketing tools (CV, Networks etc) to make the career change. 
  • Lastly, we may know what we want but we may also expect to reach the goal in one or two steps. We may need to learn the pathways that will work towards that goal in smaller steps. 

Program modules & time commitment 

This program will take you through an 8-week process ( one module a week), with on average  2-3 hours of work per week on each module. 

During this time we will show you how to create a blueprint for your career and create the stepping stones to make changes to reach your goals. We will also provide you with tips and ideas on what to search for when making career decisions.  

Program Road Map 

We encourage you to work through each of the modules in order.  For some you will delve deeper and others you may find yourself moving more quickly through the program. 

Virtual Career Coaching Support 

As part of this program you will also have the chance to get feedback on your completed exercises, thoughts, ideas, ask questions etc via virtual coaching from highly experienced Clarity Institute coaches. 

Next Steps

Please work through each of the modules in sequence. If you get stuck or are unsure book a call with your Career Coach.