Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

How to get the most out of this program

We are delighted that you have made the time and financial investment in this program and want to ensure you get the maximum value from this investment.

There are a number of things we would encourage you do before, during and after the program so you get the maximum benefit from the program and achieve the results you want that led to you enrolling in the program.


  • Have an exercise book or journal to keep with you and add to and refer to throughout the program. Any ideas you have should be captured here. Also compile any prior careers work you may have done into this book or a folder. Having an archive of who you were, are and becoming is valuable.  There is so much valuable information in here that you and your coach will build upon.
  • Where possible download the exercises and write in hand. Have a folder you can consolidate them in. If you prefer to do them online that is also OK.
  • Remember you have 12 months access to the online program so if you decide to skip topics at the time you can always come back to them at a later stage.

Completing the Online Program Work:

  • Your time is valuable, so be sure to use it wisely. For each module allocate 2-3 hours of work time over the week. This could be time to go through the program, reflect, additional reading and to complete the activities. Also, to email clarification questions to your coach, research, speak with others etc.
  • Use the ‘Pomodoro Technique’ repeated, manageable, timed intervals – 25 minutes works well for most people, you may like to make it a bit less or more – whatever your optimum period is. Working in small chunks of time with a focus of what you want to complete in each of the allocated time frames. Then give yourself a short break, have a coffee, do some stretching, go for a walk etc and back into it. This approach ensures you get things done and have a sense of accomplishment which motivates you to keep going. Note: when your in a ‘state of flow’ then go with this instead.
  • We each have our own your “chronotype,” or personal circadian rhythm. Which is why some people are considered early birds as they have the most energy early in the day, while others are night owls, and come to life in the evening. Work out when you have the optimum energy levels and work through this program then. The reason being that it will require focus to get the outcomes you seek.
  • Another energy booster or zapper can be our MBTI Personality Type – looking at Extraversion and Introversion. Extraverts get their energy from interacting with the external world while introverts generate their energy from spending time in their internal world.  For extroverts, be sure to make the downtime to go through the program, capture your thoughts if and needed find a friend or trusted colleague or you coach to talk through your reflections, ideas, thoughts etc. 
  • While it seems obvious it is harder to do in practise than theory, however, find a quiet time where you will not be interrupted to work through the program information. Having constant interruptions and distractions will not allow you to think deeply and/or if you are an are constantly interrupted you will lose motivation and focus. You and your career matter! So be sure to give yourself the time and respect you deserve.
  • When working through the activities we encourage you to print them off and write your responses on the paper. We know that your more inclined to get greater insights and clarity from this response, as opposed to just typing online. Particularly for any of the reflective work.

Virtual Coaching Sessions & Document Review:

  • When having a coaching session, be sure to prepare yourself and the coach (where possible) about what you want to focus on the outcomes your seeking from the session. Send any work you have completed to the coach 48 hours before the session to give them time to read through beforehand. We want you to maximise your time with the coach.
  • If you want documents reviewed, please provide at least 48 hours for the coach to review and send feedback. Likewise, if you have questions please email these however allow up to a 48 hour response time. Your coach will get back to you.

Have a Support Crew:

  • You have made this investment which is great. However, it is hard to do things alone, we all need a support crew. Most sports people have a coach for a reason. To be the best they can, to grow, develop, stay focused and not give up. You will have your coach however also enlist the help of others to keep you accountable and motivated throughout the program – a boss, colleague, friend, mentor etc.

Finally, be kind to yourself. It is not easy embarking on such a life changing exercise. There will be highs and lows. Be sure to celebrate the high’s and to speak with others if you need to learn from the lows.  The good news is that mostly there will be highs as you learn from this work and interacting with others, how much you have to offer.

Wishing you all the best as you work through this program.

The Clarity Institute Team.