Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

Saboteurs & Sages Exercise

Your mindset will influence your behaviours. Saboteurs are the negative thoughts that become habitual and work against our best interests, particularly in challenging situations. They are often developed from childhood and can create roadblocks in your life if you listen to them too much. Whilst external factors may challenge you, how you react to your saboteurs can cause self-sabotage. One example is the voice in your head that may say ‘I am not good at this, don’t do it’ when you are asked to present to an audience on your expertise.  The sage mindset is coming from wisdom, experience and insight on how to manage challenging situations. The sage mindset might say, ‘Remember you know more than the audience on this topic’.

Positive Intelligence is a way of measuring or assessing how much you are mastering your own mind. The Positive Intelligence indicator (PQ) has been developed by Shirzad Chamine, based on his extensive coaching and research on how people’s mindset affects their success to overcome challenges.

This exercise will help you to identify your self-saboteurs and watch out for situations that may trigger these negative thoughts. They develop strategies to manage a positive mindset and flip into your sage mindset before acting on your saboteurs. 

Completing this exercise will also help you to understand other people’s saboteurs too. 

Download and complete the Saboteur and Sage Exerciseto get started.