Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

Module 8) Career Change Saboteurs & Sages


Congratulations, you are at the final module of The Career Clarity Program! 

Throughout the program and coaching you have no doubt increased your level of self-awareness and gained greater clarity into your big WHY? This has likely led to you having greater clarity of your strengths, values and career paths where you will have the greatest success and sense of engagement and purpose. 

So, while the direction and road map has taken shape, sometimes it can be a challenge to start the journey.  Having all the information does not necessarily translate into action – for we are all human after all. 

We don’t want all this great work to be to no avail, which is why we encourage you to spend some time working through this module, exploring both your saboteurs (those things that can get you unstuck such as our internal critic).  And, while we all have our saboteurs, the great thing is we can choose to engage with our inner sage, and access our wisdom of life experiences to work through some of the challenges we will encounter as we work through making a career change or pivot.  

The most likely thing that will hold you back from experiencing the career changes you seek, are you!  

So, be sure you leverage the tools, support, and your own personal insights and experiences for you to achieve your career goals that you have set for yourself during this program and with your coach. 

You will have noticed during the program that the self-reflection and self-awareness activities you completed will have no doubt been a benefit in helping you to gain clarity. In this module, there will be a few more of these deep rich exercises to complete which will ensure your success in achieving the career goals you have identified and that you want to achieve both short and longer term. 

In this module we will cover:

  • Your Saboteurs & Sages
  • Career Change Blockers
  • Your Motivational Style
  • Personal Needs & Wellbeing