Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

Module 7) Clarifying Your Career Options


Congratulations, you are near the final stage of The Career Clarity Program!  

Where are you seeing your future career success?

We hope you have enjoyed this exploration and found wonderful insights about yourself that can help you with the next stage of your career journey. 

Now, it is time to collate what you have learnt from the career exploration exercises. 

This is the stage that is often forgotten, and it is vital to make sure that you have considered everything that you will need to get your career on track to transition or pivot your career.  

The good news is that the time you have spent on this reflection work will speed up your journey to your most rewarding career by helping you to become more focussed and ready to talk about yourself in writing (job applications, resumes, LinkedIn and performance reviews) and in person (interviews, presentations, pitches and networking). 

People listening to your clear and authentic story will readily respond to help you on your journey too. Why? Because it is easy to understand what you want and your commitment to getting there is evident!