Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

Your Worklife Wheel

About the Worklife Wheel

While a deceptively simple tool, the Worklife wheel can be incredibly powerful and tangible in helping us capture a holistic view of our current worklife and providing us with options to look at what we need to change to create the worklife we want. It includes all aspect from financial, through to relationships, health, family, and wellbeing etc. You can also add your own sections. By looking holistically at our worklife we can see where we are spending the most time and reflect on if this is working for us or not, and what we need to change to experience a more rewarding worklife.

Next Steps & Homework

Download and complete the Worklife Wheel Activity

Be sure to dedicate time to completing the ‘Worklife Wheel Activity’ activity as it can be very useful in supporting the process of creating a clear career vision, particularly for the shorter term.

Suggested process for completing the Worklife Wheel:

1. Spend 10 minutes populating your current Worklife Wheel
2. Spend 20 minutes populating your ideal Worklife Wheel
3. Spent 5 minutes comparing the two wheels, what do you notice?
4. Complete the Worklife Wheel reflection plan
5. Make note of the top 3 things you would like to change over the coming 3-6 months

If you have any questions about this activity reach out to your career coach.