Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

My Career Vision

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot

What Is Your Career Vision?

To reach a goal we need to know where we are heading! The first step is to be in touch with what you would like to achieve in the long term.  Most people find it hard to focus in on their deep-seated desires. In this step, we will help you to get into the right space to tap into your deepest thoughts.

  1. Start by finding a quiet space where you will not be distracted by other people or sounds around you to complete this short exercise.
  2. Have a pen and paper ready.
  3. Then follow the instructions in this short audio clip, which is a Career Visioning exercise.
  4. Download The Career Visioning Exercise


  • Calm yourself, close your eyes and take 3 breaths. Let go of everything else
  • Take 3 more breaths to connect to your purest, highest, inner self
  • Take 3 more breaths

Picture yourself in your dream career. If you don’t have a particular career in mind, picture yourself professionally, or the success of a project or the implementation of an idea.

Focus on what you want, on the perfect results. Think big, dream. See the success of your dream in full. Do not include feasibility, reality or how.

Sweep all limiting thoughts away. Simply state what you want. Picture it. See it in your mind. Feel it. Resist focusing on the solution to how you will achieve it. Focus only on the desired outcome of your dream. Allow the details to take care of themselves.

Visualize what it is like to experience the success of your dream. Use all of your five senses to imagine yourself (select 1, 5 or 10 years in advance).  X years from now or when your dream has become a reality.

Utilize all of the senses to visualize your new endeavor:

  • Sight: What do you see?
  • Smell: What do you smell?
  • Sound: What sounds do you notice?
  • Taste: What tastes are you experiencing?
  • Touch: What sensations are you experiencing?

Define the fulfillment of your dream in detail, using all your senses.

Energize your vision with emotion. Feel how it feels to have what you want. Are you happy, filled with satisfaction, feeling good all over? Have all the parts of your past come together to bring you this success. What does it feel like?

Open your eyes and come back with 3 slow breaths.

Journaling: Find a quiet place and take 15 minutes to write in your journal what you saw in your vision. Describe what it felt like, sounded like and tasted like. Write down all the details as you saw them. 

Share: You may like to share your career vision with a colleague, friend, mentor or career consultant. 

Reference: Visioning Template Donella Meadows.pdf (Links to an external site.) 

Having completed the Career Visioning Exercise there are additional steps to go deeper on the next pages.