Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

The Benefits of Exploring Your Values

What is important to you?

Values are the things in your life that are very important to you. They are the conditions on what you have in your life that make it worthwhile and they will dictate your behaviours at work. For example, someone who highly values structure in their life will probably like a job that has regular routines, a clear structure on reporting lines and levels of responsibilities. It is unlikely that this person will enjoy a highly fluid work environment.

Our values are core decision makers for our career. They are developed over time in the interactions we experience. It is important for you to understand your core values as they act as internal guides to the things that make your work environment satisfactory to you. Misaligned values can be the main source of stress in your career as we are not aware that we all are different and our definition of our values are unique to us.

Individual values are related to culture. The reason why many people are unhappy with their work environment is that their values are not aligned with the culture of their profession, team, organisation or even the industry. It is often overlooked by candidates when selecting a job and our core values become more important to us over time.

Watch this short video that explains how important values are to us and our work satisfaction:

The benefits of knowing and living your values

Over time, developing awareness of your values and living your life based on these values will help you to build resilience. See this short video by Dr Russ Harris, a psychologist who specialises in the power of values, that demonstrates how knowing and living by your values will help you cope better with life too.

The values exercise in this program will help you to discover your most important values, your personal definition of these values and then identify some actions you and your organisation may take to satisfy your values. This information will help you to research and explore the right fit for your career and organisations to target. Then help you to build resilience as you cope better with situations that do not satisfy your values.

Next Steps 

In the next section we will go deeper into your core values that are essential to your well being and happiness at work.