Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

Going Deeper into Your Core Values

What is important to me?  What cannot be compromised?

The alignment of your values with your organisation becomes more important as you advance in your career. In a role where you are regularly representing your organisation, you need to feel aligned with your organisation’s culture to be authentic and effective. 

The key is to spend some time really defining and articulating what your core values are to ensure both a good career and organisational fit in your next role. 

Below are some examples of a completed values exercises

These examples illustrate how two people can have the same value preference, but they may mean something completely different to them. Note that values are specifically role related.






An Executive Assistant


Regular contact with a variety of people inside and outside my department.


1.      Organising events with other PA’s in my organisation and event managers. e.g. AGM, annual Christmas dinner

2.      Getting to know the travel agent who makes bookings for my boss’s international travel for business and pleasure

3.      Being a member of the office social committee


Management Consultant


Getting to know people well at work and meet outside work too.

1.      Work in a team

2.      Having a client facing role that requires socialising out of office hours too

3.      Organise social events with colleagues and friends. E.g. member of the office social committee.



In this example, we review two people in similar roles and how they may share the same value but have different definitions and life goals.






Accountant #1


Having a regular income to support my family and save for the future


1.      Have a job with a regular income

2.      See a Financial Planner and Tax Accountant once a year to plan for retirement

3.      Save enough to have an annual holiday overseas for the family


Accountant #2


Progressing in my career to earn a six-figure annual salary

1.      Continue studies to develop greater expertise

2.      Work for organisations that are growing and pay well, so I can expand my expertise and increase my salary

3.      Focus on developing my strengths to maximise my income


There is no right or wrong value or way to define it. It is a very personal thing. The key is to define what each value looks like to you.