Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

What is MBTI? What is my Personality Type?


‘Socrates believed that a continuous

journey of self-improvement

was essential for every person.’

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is over 50 years old and it is one of the instruments that are useful for understanding your personal style or preferences in your work.

It is not used in recruitment as it is a simple measure of style (particularly step 1, the basic tool) and does not predict behaviours or consistency. However, the tool can be used to understand what is being measured and understand your motivations as part of a career development program.

Typical questions in an assessment may look like:

  • Do you like to work alone or do you prefer to work in a team?
  • Would you prefer to plan your day or take each day as it comes?
  • Do you like routine or spontaneity?
  • Would you value sentiment more than logic?

The MBTI tool is based on personality theories developed by Jung and it identifies 4 key areas of preferences. The following table outlines what the MBTI tool is measuring based on four key question themes.  

1 Extraversion (E) How do you gain energy? Introversion (I)
2 Sensing (S) How do you gather information? Intuition (N)
3 Thinking (T) How do you like to make decisions? Feeling (F)
4 Judging (J) How do you prefer to run your life? Perceiving (P)

By answering the questions to determine your overall preferences for the 4 themes, results in a 4 letter TYPE that is your MBTI Type profile. There are 16 different MBTI Types.

The MBTI is a Type Preference tool grounded on many EQ principles. As such it is widely used across the globe in many areas such as Career Coaching.  We encourage clients who are looking to explore career paths to spend some time doing this assessment and speaking with their coach about their results.  

Next Steps & Homework 

If you have not done the MBTI before or cannot really remember your Type, PLEASE take this free Personality Type (Links to an external site.) assessment online called Truity- The TypeFinder® Personality Test. It will take about 15-20 minutes and you will receive your Type report.  Note: Truity is not a certified Type tool. As such your Career Coach will debrief with you about your Type results.  There is also a paid Truity report which goes deeper and is $19. This is optional.

IMPORTANT: once you have received your Truity Type Report, please spend  5-10 minutes reading through The 16 MBTI Types Brief

We also encourage you to speak with your Career Coach about your Type as it will be an important part of many aspects of gaining career clarity. 

Plus – Watch this TED Talk

Self Awareness – EQ & Personality Type 
A great Ted Talk about Self-Awareness from Tasha Eurich, Organizational Psychologist. Having a high level of self-awareness is essential for everyone, especially our leaders. Her research & advice will resonate with all. 

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