Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

Personal Characteristics & Attributes

My Personal Characteristics & Attributes

The characteristics that shape your personality can be an asset for your future job. They also need to be considered when you are assessing a suitable role. You may also be asked questions about these qualities in an interview. Consider:

  • What personal qualities do I possess that will help me on the job?
  • How will my personal style influence my career choices?
  • How will I get along with my manager or colleagues?

Download and complete the Personal Attributes Exercise

Then list up to six characteristics that are most like you: For example:

1) Outgoing

2) Flexible

3) Happy

4) Confident

5) Visionary

6) Strategic

Getting Feedback From Others

Remember, that how we see ourselves is not always 100% how others see us.  We may have distorted views of ourselves (both positive and negative). The feedback of others is instrumental in our ongoing personal development and growing our EQ.  This can be done in a variety of ways from an informal coffee and chat with colleagues and friends, to a more formal meeting with your boss and or clients.  There are also 360 Feedback tools that you can utilise such as the 360Reach, which is covered in the homework. 

Note: For some people they find that going through the personal attributes and characteristics exercise provides them with clarity immediately, whilst others struggle to capture the essence of their personality. If you are unsure, complete the additional homework on the next page.