Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

CAR – Achievement Writing Activity

CAR – Achievement Writing Activity

Instructions for writing achievement stories using the CAR model

Use the Career Clarity Program CAR Achievement Story Writing Example below to explore your work experiences and where you used your core skills to add value to your organisation.

Download the CAR Achievement Story Writing Example

  1. Following the prompts or questions in each section, complete the template
  2. In the last box write one story for each template – no more than three to four sentences long
  3. Review your achievement story to make sure you have included
  4. Include these stories in your resume, listed in bullet format. The number of stories depends on how long you had that role and complexity of the role. Order your achievement stories relevant to your highest strengths to lowest.

Please download the Career Clarity Program CAR Achievement Worksheet on the next page and work through 3-4 achievement stories using this template.  

For most people they find the first two achievement writing attempts challenging however once they get to the third they find it much easier. It generally takes a few drafts to refine the final CAR story. 

CAR Example

Successfully turned around an ERP systems implementation project that was 6 months behind schedule and $250,000 over budget. Met with all stakeholders and negotiated a new contract that was signed off in two weeks. Created a new project schedule that resulted in no further time delays or additional costs. The same software and same vendor partner are still engaged by the organisation, seven years after implementation.