Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

What are my core skills & strengths?

Strengths are the skills that you have mastered in your work life and personal life. They are often what we take for granted when completing the annual performance review, writing a resume or interviewing for a new role. There could be several reasons why you are unhappy, stuck or  not acquiring  your preferred career opportunities. The real problem could one or more of the following:

  1. You are unable to describe your strengths in a detailed and compelling way as you have never thought about them in an in depth way 
  2. You take for granted what you really excel  at – your strengths
  3. You are concentrating on improving weaknesses instead of focusing on maximising your strengths
  4. You are in the wrong job as you are not using your strengths or the strengths you would like to develop further
  5. You are not able to evaluate the right role for you

Reviewing and understanding your key skills will help you understand what type of roles and career paths will make you feel happy, fulfilled and energised. 

To get started on this core element of finding a career you will thrive in, we will look at your key skills and how to articulate them in a way that you will feel comfortable with and that will inspire your audience to want to meet and ultimately hire you. 

After this important step is completed, we will go onto writing short stories to describe how you successfully use your key skills, which are called Achievement Stories. These are what you will use in your resume, LinkedIn, interviews, and more. 

A core element  of a successful career comes from understanding your own key skills and finding the right role/s that capitalise on these strengths.

Completing a Skills Inventory will help you to:

  • clarify what type of role you will enjoy
  • understand the requirements for different types of jobs
  • write focused job applications & CV’s
  • complete selection criteria statements
  • articulate your skills at interviews – ‘behavioural’ interviews
  • improve self-awareness and increase confidence to enable you to go for the job you want!
  • help you to write a powerful LinkedIn profile

Next steps & homework  

There are four key Skills Exercises below. Please download and complete all these activities in the order shown below.

Step 1: Skills Exercise

Step 2: Skills Library

Step 3: Skills Inventory

Step 4: Transferable Skills Summary

If you have any questions, please reach out to your career coach. It is likely you will want to discuss these transferable skills with your coach