Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

What is Your Life’s Purpose Exercise

What is your life’s purpose or your big WHY?

This is a question we often explore with our coaching clients when they are stuck or have no tangible goal in life. It can be difficult for them to define what their life’s purpose is, and to then find the motivation to go out and make it happen 

Many people may also feel that they cannot have what they want, or the answer is too complex. Others tend to focus on what is available, rather than what they want. A more empowering and successful approach is to say, “This is who I am and what is important to me; this is the value I bring and problems I can solve. Who is looking for people like me?” This shift in mind-set opens up a whole range of career possibilities and creates an increased level of confidence and focus. In essence, getting your life ‘on track’ can require several factors working together in synergy along with a positive mind-set to make it happen!

Essentially, your ‘life’s purpose’ is a key driver to career success as it acts as a guide to your career choices. It is the basis of what will hold your interest throughout your career path, and your ‘life’s purpose’ may change over time as you develop and grow.

Next Steps & Homework 

Please download and complete the Life Purpose Exercisehere . 

If you have any questions about this activity reach out to your career coach