Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

What is your BIG CAREER WHY?

There is no right or wrong approach to finding your next career path. The key to success is to incorporate time in your work life to reflect, explore and shape your career goals. Having a clear career strategy that is based on a high level of self-awareness, combined with a learning mindset, will help you to enjoy the exploration and find a rewarding career suited to you. In essence you need to explore the ‘What, Why and How’ for your career, i.e. what you want, why you want it and how you will get it!

Why Your Big WHY Matters

At least half the working population is not happy at work. Over the past five years, the figure has always sat around the 50% mark. Source, the Huffington Post. 

It is a sad statistic, particularly for Australia, which is considered the ‘lucky country’ where people generally have a lot more choices around education and employment compared to other countries. So, what keeps at least half the working population in jobs they really don’t enjoy or may even find unrewarding? There are many reasons as you can imagine; from financial commitments, lack of confidence, the fear of the unknown, and the list goes on. A major reason is that they don’t know what else they can do, and they don’t know their Big WHY or purpose? They have not spent time reflecting and looking inward to learn more about what a meaningful job or career would look like for them.

If you don’t know what your Big WHY or purpose is, it’s unlikely you will have the motivation and confidence to take action to drive a career change.