Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle

The work of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle – Starting With Why (Links to an external site.)  is a wonderful starting place using a simple visual model to highlight how it all stems from the centre, in this case your centre.  Before we can make a career change, we need to start with our WHY and then we can move outward to the HOW and the WHAT.  The work in the ‘Career Clarity Program ’ will help you to clarify your BIG WHY?  It will require a lot of drilling down to get to the essence of your Big WHY or purpose. It is very much an iterative process and one that I will encourage you to stick with. As you go through the stages you may be overwhelmed, where you simply want an answer or direction, however you will see the pieces will eventually fall into place as you continue with the program and trust the process.

We can take your Big WHY to an even deeper level by using the ‘Three Why’s’ to really define your purpose when it comes to your career.

For example, you can start by asking why to the first question and drill down the career layers until you get to the ultimate answer. 

1. Why do I want to change careers?

e.g. I am not challenged or motivated. I know I have more to offer.

2. Why am I not feeling challenged or motivated at work?

e.g. In reflection I don’t think I have ever felt challenged or motivated in my role as an engineer. I cannot recall waking up and being excited to go to work. I studied and worked in engineering, as my parents wanted me to. I liked building things with my hands as a child.

3. Why did I like building things as a child?

e.g. When I think about it, while I did not mind the ideas and design part of building something, I was much more  ‘get in’ and build it through trial and error. I loved the actual building part and using my hands, being hands on and tactile. I don’t get this in my job, as it is office and computer based.

The Golden Circle has three rings, the WHY in the centre which we have explored which is your purpose when it comes to work.

What jobs or careers are aligned with your Why and sense of meaning and purpose you will derive from your work? Remember you will spend 1/3 of your life at work!

The HOW in a career context looks at your process and method of making the career change. This is what the careers work in the ‘Career Clarity Program’ will take you through and teach you the process of how to make the transition, looking at researching industries, exploring relevant study, developing career vision and goals, information interviewing and then working on your personal brand and personal branding tools (CV, LinkedIn etc.).

The WHAT looks at the results and what you need to do to get these results to achieve your career goals. This is closer to the external world. The WHAT is when you deliver on your goals in the form of networking, interviewing, attending events and all the activities that will lead you to securing the next job or start of a new career path.

Having a Big WHY Focus

The ‘Career Clarity Program’ will focus largely on the WHY?

The reason for this is that many people skip this step and go straight into the HOW or WHAT. If you don’t have your WHY clear you are unlikely to find a career path that gives you the sense of satisfaction and purpose that you seek.  The WHY is the uncomfortable part of the process, however it is only through this discomfort and reflection that we can look to find the deep answers we desire.

Defining your WHY at a deeper level is the foundation of all your subsequent careers work.  

It enables you to find work and a workplace aligned with your personal values, a place where you can be the ‘true’ you without wasting energy trying to conform.  You will learn how to work with purpose and happiness and how to achieve your career vision and goals, your definition of success!  

The HOW and WHAT will be covered in subsequent programs and/or with your career coach.