Introduction to the Career Clarity Program

Next Steps & Homework – The Lifeline Activity

This exercise is designed to help you to reflect on the key drivers of your career and life. There are no right or wrong answers. It is only your own reflection on how happy or sad you were about events in your life. It will take you less than one hour to complete and you will need a piece of blank paper and three coloured pens or pencils. 

You can download the Taking Stock Lifeline Activity or work through the instructions below. 

Note: some people are not comfortable completing this activity, so please feel free to go to the next activity. 

Follow these steps to complete the exercise and then submit your completed exercise for feedback on the clarity of your story to your career coach:


Step 1

1. On a piece of blank paper draw a vertical line using the first coloured pen (y-axis) and then draw a horizontal line (x-axis) from the middle of the y-axis.

2. Label the y-axis from +100% to -100%, ‘0’ in the middle = satisfaction.

3. Label the x-axis from 0 to 60 = age.

Step 2

Think about the significant events in your CAREER and mark crosses (x) in a second coloured pen corresponding to the age that you were at that significant event and how satisfied (positive or negative) you felt at the time. You may find some crosses are positive (above the line) or negative/disappointing (below the line). Start from the beginning of your first job and/or leaving full-time school/university. For example, completing your degree or being awarded dux of your class could be 90-100% while not getting a job that you were keen on maybe -10%, or less.

Step 3

Join the crosses to make a continuous line. This is your CAREER LINE.

Step 4

Using a third coloured pen repeat the same process in step 2 and step 3, but this time think about the most important events in your PERSONAL LIFE outside work. This is your PERSONAL LINE.

Step 5

Look at the CAREER and PERSONAL LINES and take time to reflect on the shapes of these lines and relationships between them too. Answer the following questions to help summarise what you have identified about your career and life patterns:

1. Are most of the crosses above or below zero?

2. Was the shape of the career line similar to the personal line?

3. Were there any patterns between the career line and personal line?

Step 6

What have you learnt about your career drivers in this exercise?


Once you have completed ‘The Lifeline Activity‘ please move onto the next topic to complete ‘The Life’s Purpose’ exercise.

If you have any questions about this activity reach out to your career coach.