Read what some of our clients have said about our services

The resume format Kelly provided clarified and highlighted my strengths better. I found the achievement writing process useful and it enabled me to differentiate myself better, rather than just show I had done the job.  It was a worthwhile investment in my time and money as I was able to secure multiple contract roles with my new resume.” Peter, Accounting Professional


The process of reviewing my CV with Kelly was so worthwhile as it opened my eyes for considering my next career move, outside my natural comfort zone. The process was confronting but the result that you get from closely working with Kelly and stripping back your career to the most important aspects that future employers will value was so rewarding for me to have confidence and gain my new job.” James, Wealth Management


“Kelly Magowan is a skilful and inspiring career coach. From an impressive first meeting in which she clarified the expectations for my coaching sessions, to the practical recommendations and networking opportunities she has provided in the months after our formal sessions ended, Kelly has offered invaluable support and encouragement. The sessions in which we workshopped ideas around key skills and personal branding were a real highlight, and we also revised my resume to include achievement stories that focus on qualities brought to a position and results delivered in past roles. I would not hesitate to recommend Kelly as a career coach.” Julie, Academic Researcher & Independent Consultant


“I am eternally grateful to Kelly for her support and guidance during my recent career transition. I worked closely with Kelly and was highly impressed by her ability to synthesise my experience and assist me to re-pitch myself at an executive level. She gave me much food for thought and challenged me to think deeply about myself, my past career and my future career in order to clarify my goals and find my true value add. Kelly also did not pander to me about my likelihood of success, she told me straight up the pitfalls I would face in the recruitment machine – this I appreciated more than any other advice, as it forced me to think creatively and consider how to expand my network to access off-market opportunities. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone at an executive level looking to make a career change.Kathie, MBA, Executive


“Kelly has proved to be an invaluable coach and has provided great help with the career strategy. She has provided great tools and insightful advice on how to prepare CV, LinkedIn profile and how to prepare for the interview. She has a vast network of friends and clients working in different industries. Kelly’s extensive experience of career coaching shows through her work. She has a compassionate personality. She takes time to know you and identify the strengths and then work with you to go through different career choices. This helps you focus your efforts. She is a consummate professional. I would highly recommend Kelly for anyone seeking to navigate through their career path.”  Ali, Engineering Professional


“I’m happy with the resume. I’m definitely ready to start applying for jobs and reaching out to recruiters and my network. It is comprehensive document and I’ve found this whole exercise highly worthwhile. Thanks for your help!  ” John, Executive, Marketing & Events.


“Kelly is a knowledgeable and insightful careers consultant. Her pragmatic and down-to-earth approach was of great help to me as I navigated my way through a career transition. Her approach was balanced and she was a great sounding board, providing open and honest feedback. The guidance she provided during the process of updating my personal brand was particularly helpful.” OIivia, Marketing Executive, NGO


“Kelly Magowan is an outstanding executive coach and effectively groomed me to develop my executive potential for executive career advancement roles, clarifying goals and development objectives. I feel fortunate that I could work with Kelly throughout this journey developing my style of communication whilst stepping forward in developing a larger network. I enthusiastically give her the highest recommendation as an Executive Coach.Vijay, IT Executive


“Kelly helped me switch gears and pursue a career in management consulting. This has been an exciting career change and I’ve not looked back. The main strength Kelly provided was in building confidence that it is possible, although hard, to change careers. Her other advice, support and information on structuring the resume, targeting the translatable skills and managing the expectations of what a career in consulting would look like before entering, has been essential to the success of being admitted to a big 4 consultancy. Thank you for all your help!” Thomas, MBA Student


“Kelly’s warm and approachable style and professionalism empowered me to work through the mindsets that were holding me back. Through her coaching, I’ve gone to the next level in my career and my confidence. I’d highly recommend Kelly to anyone who wants a grounded, supportive and knowledgeable source of information about career development and management.” Angela, MBA Student


“Having known Kelly through MBS, I am delighted to know her services are available to a wider audience. Having had her help in career planning and resume writing has reinforced for me the benefits of having a subject matter expert coach and mentor through a change in career.” MD, Healthcare Industry


“It was indeed a privilege to have had you as my coach and mentor Kelly. You’re amazing at what you do and always brings the best out of the other person. Thanks heaps for all your help and guidance and we will definitely stay in touch.” Stuart, MBA Student


“I have been working through a career change for the past 18 months with Kelly Magowan. Kelly has been a great mentor guiding me through a career change from owning my own Veterinary Practice to revisiting student life to enter study as an Engineering student. This transition was daunting from the outset, and Kelly has made me realise that life really is short, and enjoying your job really is important for life happiness. Her ground-up approach has involved thorough analysis of my career preferences and personality profiling. The journey towards career development could not be rushed. Kelly has patiently and professionally provided me with the tools to work towards a career that is more fulfilling.  Kelly is a great communicator and has kept in touch with me through every step of my transition, and still does today. I am so grateful for all she has done for me, and strongly recommend her services.” Daniel, Veterinary Surgeon


“Your career guidance has been such a great help, it got me thinking deeply about my career and what my dreams were, rather than only the ‘safe’ job options.” Karen, Financial Services Executive


“You are a highly skilled adviser who can adapt to changing needs.  You have the tools available to create focus and inspiration. The tools are deceptively simple and delivered in a sensitive but challenging style. A delight to deal with.”  Trevor, Legal Executive


“Kelly is an accomplished coach and facilitator whose passion for helping her clients. She helped me a lot during my transition to a new career. She changed my mindset and helped me to think about my dream career. I found her to be dedicated, professional and truly caring about her clients and their success.” Koorosh, Client Relationship Manager, Engineering