The Clarity Institute Programs

The Career Clarity Program

This program will help you get  clarity about what to do next in your career!

How to Have Great Coaching Conversations for Managers

Get the tools & support to succeed in your role!

Creating Your Personal Brand & Marketing Tools

CV, LinkedIn Profile, Cover Letters, Selection Criteria, Personal Pitch


The Networking & Job Search Strategy Program

Networking with confidence & building authentic valuable career networks leads to success!

Making A Positive Impact During Your Probationary Period

The first 90 days & beyond…………

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Getting yourself, your CV & LinkedIn profile ready for contract work

Get your CV & LinkedIn  positioned to secure work!


How to Set Up a Successful Side Gig, Alongside a Professional Career!

Join the 1 million Australians who have a side gig alongside a full-time job!

Preparing for Interview Success (virtually & face to face)

Don’t let the job offer slip away because you were not prepared!