About The Clarity Institute

The Clarity Institute is committed to empowering professionals & executives in their careers through virtual career coaching & online career development & job search programs.

If you want clarity and expert coaching support and resources about everything from – new career paths, strategies & roadmaps to your dream job, or help with everything from your resume and LinkedIn to your personal brand, networking, interviewing and more we specialise in providing high quality career solutions for professionals.

Our Career & Executive Coaches have a track record of success in supporting professionals & executives to develop successful careers that both leverage their past talents and their potential.

“Your career guidance has been such a great help, it got me thinking deeply about my career and what my dreams were, rather than only the ‘safe’ job options.”  Karen, Project Manager

The People

The Clarity Institute has been founded by Kelly Magowan who has been working in the arena of Human Resource Management, Recruitment and Career & Executive Coaching for over 20 years.  Initially focusing on commercial recruitment, and later moving into corporate Human Resources working with EY and GE.  In 2003 Kelly co-founded The Clarity Group Pty Ltd, a HR, Recruitment and Careers Consultancy company.  In 2008 Kelly created Six Figures, the exclusive jobs and careers site for high salary earners to connect with $100K+ job opportunities, across all industries and professions. Six Figures was sold in 2012. 

From 2012 – 2019 Kelly worked and consulted to Melbourne Business School (MBS), the University of Melbourne as a Career & Executive Coach supporting the MBA students (Executive & Senior Executives) and Alumni in securing their next rewarding role and/or embarking on a new career. 

The Clarity Institute works with a group of highly experienced Career & Executive Coaches, who not only bring extensive coaching experience, they offer real world work experience, plus experience in coaching post graduate clients including those who have completed Masters qualifications such as MBA’s and PhDs.

Why Our Programs Deliver Success

  • Only 10% of people finish online training programs (free or paid)

  • Here is why

They are not accountable to anyone and we know 90% of us need this. We need expert support and someone to guide and motivate us to reach our goals and achieve our potential.  

Everyone starts online training with the best of intentions and really wants to do the training to bring about change.  However, life gets in the way. And if you are not accountable to anyone other than yourself, well, it is easy to move on and go back to the status quo.


The Clarity Institute is focussed on getting all our clients to complete the online training programs they sign up for and to achieve their objectives or goals from the training.  Your career success matters to us.


Here is how we do it. When you sign up for a program you have a dedicated virtual Coach who works with you one-to-one throughout the program!  You set and agree actions with them and work towards these. They check in with you weekly to keep you on track. We know that you can achieve your career goals – if you have an experienced Coach to support you throughout the process. 


Our online programs offer the structure and great content and resources of an amazing online program with modules to work through weekly or at your own place. These are then support by one-to-one coaching sessions, weekly check ins and the option to join live group sessions.  We set you up for success. Our programs are high touch as we know from 20 years of career strategy & coaching experience this is why it works.

Next Steps for Your Career Success

If you take a moment to think about it, you will notice that most successful people have coaches as do sports people, musicians etc.  They have people around them to help them strive to be the best they can be. The same applies to our careers. If we want to experience career success and happiness, we need to work at it.  We need to take a proactive role in managing our careers.

Unsure if The Clarity Institute offer the programs that meet your specific situation, please book a complimentary 30 Discover Call to share your situation and goals with an experienced coach who can let you know if our programs will meet your needs.

“Kelly helped me switch gears and pursue a career in management consulting. This has been an exciting career change and I’ve not looked back. The main strength Kelly provided was in building confidence that it is possible, although hard, to change careers. Her other advice, support and information on structuring the resume, targeting the translatable skills and managing the expectations of what a career in consulting would look like before entering, has been essential to the success of being admitted to a big 4 consultancy. Thank you for all your help!” Thomas, MBA student


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